David Salkeld
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David Salkeld Sculpture
Large Oak Helix at Cragside
'Large Coil'
Oak -Carved and constructed
2.1 metres tall
Cragside Grounds Northumberland
National Trust 2002

One of three gateway pieces for the labyrinth at Cragside Estate.
The geometric form of the helix built from nine sections  of native oak grown on the estate. is often associated with engineering, i.e. the Archimedes water pump, helical gears, drilling tools etc. To construct one out of timber and then place it in a woodland landscape is to make a statement regarding attitudes towards forms and materials and the uses they might be put to in the modern world.
As this piece was taking shape I began to realize the extent to which the form appears to change as you move through or round it. Sometimes it reads as a regular form and sometimes it seems quite irregular.
The siting of these pieces at Cragside over footpaths meant that the public are invited or even obliged to participate in the sculpture by walking through.