David Salkeld
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David Salkeld Sculpture
Oak -Carved and constructed
2.25 metres tall
Cragside Grounds Northumberland
National Trust 2002

One of three gateway pieces for the labyrinth at Cragside estate. I wanted to build with timber as if it were stone, to introduce imagery from architecture more usually associated with masonry. This is how I arrived at the Roman arch complete with keystone; although the keystone here might also be a wedge as used for splitting timber. Is it holding the two halves together or trying to force them apart? A Roman arch in itself would have been rather static and not very interesting so I decided to invest this one with an alter ego. One end is striving to maintain its dignity as a classical arch whilst the other end seems to be trying to wriggle off to do something else.
Oak Archway at the Labyrinth, Cragside