David Salkeld
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David Salkeld Sculpture
'Pit Pony'
Weathering Steel
2.4 metres x 1.3 metres tall
Kibblesworth, Team Valley, Gateshead

Based on the concept of a pit pony released from its yoke and harness and 'put out to grass', the image of a horse is an icon reflecting the history of the village through the pre-industrial era and also looking forward to post-industrial/post mine working age.

There are other connotations to the idea of a public image of a horse such as the numerous 'white horses' cut into hillsides around the country such as at Uffington or Kilburn.

This was cut from a single sheet of weathering steel, also known as Corten, and shaped in a 160 ton brake press. Corten is an alloy of steel which is self-sealing. requiring little to no maintenance. Instead of corroding, the metal gradually builds up a tough and attractive patina when exposed to the elements.

This is one of a number of permanent artworks commissioned by Keelman Homes for the Kibblesworth community and curated by Gateshead Council.

The public commissions represent the second stage of the project following on from the 'Insider Art' programme, a six month community engagement and consultation by Rednile Projects in 2011.

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Kibblesworth Pit Pony Maquette Gallery Kibblesworth Pit Pony Gallery Pastoral Horse Maquette